Sexy is your OWN Spouse

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I have thought long and hard about what would be the topic of my first posting since getting married earlier this month.  There were so many little funny and miraculous stories that I could have shared that led up to our covenant ceremony and the two weeks since.  I know at some point I will share them.  However, taking a moment to look at my husband as he sat at the computer and very casually displayed his ring finger sealed the deal for me.  The man was just plain sexy!  AND YES I just had to tell him.  There is something about a man that is confident in who he is and in Christ and has made the decision to share his life with another.

When my husband and I each said “I DO” we promised to forsake all others outside of God for the family we were to create.  For us that moment was 3 years in the making.  The knowledge I have that he first befriended me, pursued, courted and went through counseling so he could have a better understanding of how God wanted him to care for me; gave me his name to share and the honor to bare and raise his children; blesses me so much.

To me my spouse is the ultimate symbol of sexiness and YOURS should be to you too!

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