Where did the curls go? :(

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True story… So, I have been rocking my natural curls for almost a year now out; after transitioning them undercover for two years. Last night I decided to do something different, after washing my hair. This is after a week or so of dawning a full ‘fro. My bright idea was to moisturized my tresses with Palmers Hair Success Gro Treatment and braid my hair up into two crow rows. Well, when I got up this morning my hair was dry yes… but it was also STRAIGHT! I had totally forgot that with my hair texture and hair curl pattern… wet + grease + braid and set = NO CURLS! Honestly the straight and puffy look was not what I was trying to achieve. After some quick thinking and the addition of a piece, I looked presentable enough to leave my house for work. Next time I will try experimenting with my hair on the weekend when I have enough time to really play around with my “Back to Natural” tresses. © 2012 Lela Jefferson Fagan – http://www.memoirsofablackgirl.com

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