There’s Joy in Repetition – A Patience Lesson Learned

I should have known better after reading a book on having a “Patient Attitude” I would be confronted with a patience test. I think I got a 65. However, I might have aced it if I remembered the chorus and name of one of my favorite Prince songs from back in the day… “Joy in Repetition…There’s Joy in Repetition.”

Not everyone thinks, learns or reacts at the same rate or how you do. Don’t blame the pupil if your teaching methods are not garnering the results you desire. Take a step back, analyze the situation. Find what works for them and be patient and loving; you both will eventually get it… If not, your role in it could’ve been just to plant the seed.

Have an extraordinarily blessed and grace empowered day… Remember to LOVE FORWARD!

© 2013, Lela Jefferson Fagan. All rights reserved.

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