Babe, Where is the Coffee?

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I advise you now, as my reader that this post may seem a bit silly to some.  However, I feel led to share it.  A few months ago I finally kicked the can sort of speak my addiction to drinking Monster Energy Drinks.  See, years ago I stopped drinking them after I had an experience that simply told me I had a problem.  I was on a crowded train one morning on my way to work.  I had decided to close my eyes for the span of time it usually took me to commute from the DeKalb Avenue stop in Brooklyn to my final destination W 34th Street in Midtown on the Q train; when suddenly I heard the sound of a can being opened.  The source of the sound was coming from a young man sitting directly across from me.  Without opening my eyes or even raising my head, I said out loud (so only I could hear it) “Mmm… I think that is a green Monster.”  To confirm my suspicion I quickly glanced across the car and low and behold it was a green Monster in his hands.

Giant Cup of CoffeeAt that moment, I was disgusted with myself.  I knew I had a problem.  I then vowed that I would never drink another can.   Fast forwarding about 3 years later, I somehow convinced myself that drinking just one Monster would not be so severe; however, once that liquid hit the back of my throat I was hooked.  I began my two cans a day habit less than a week later.  This time though I decided I would start drinking the light version that had no sugar or calories.   See, I had become resistant to its effects.  I wasn’t drinking Monster for the extra peep; I just liked the taste of it.

Well, after relocating to Texas earlier this year.  My husband jokingly called me out on my addiction one night after a midnight run to the grocery store.  Our plan had not been to pick up Monsters, but somehow I ended up with two cans in my bag.  Not be labeled as an “Addict” I kicked the habit for good this time, with the Lord’s help.  Now, I have claimed my deliverance from coffee.  The only time I have drunk it in the last couple of months is when we go out.  I have not purchased it to prepare at home.

However, this afternoon I showed a bit of weakness.  The Coach (what I affectionately call my husband) phoned me from the grocery store and asked if I needed anything.  I reluctantly said coffee after listing other items… Like almond milk and cabbage.  I even told him that I was trying not to buy it because I wanted to be delivered from it.  He told me though if I genuinely wanted it he would purchase it for me.  So I caved in and said yes please buy some.  Well, when he got home, and after we sat down for a late lunch… I started the kettle up, was happy even because I was about to make myself some coffee.

He had put the groceries away himself, so I began looking in the cabinet frantically for the coffee than in the pantry closet.  In both places, I couldn’t locate the coffee.  At this point, I had to ask him… ‘Babe, where is the coffee?’  He answered me so sweetly.  “I didn’t get it.  I am sorry; I was so concerned about the Almond Milk.  However, I think that was God trying to tell me.  That girl doesn’t need any coffee.”  Immediately I gave him a sideway glance and then had to laugh at myself and agree.  God was still looking out for me.  I have been delivered!


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