It’s Your Time by Joel Osteen (In Progress Book Review)

It's Your Time - Activate Your Faith. Achieve Your Dreams, and Increase in God's Favor by Joel Osteen
This post is for my fellow bookworms.  My current book of focus is by Joel Osteen and is entitled “It’s Your Time – Activate Your Faith, Achieve Your Dream, and Increase in God’s Favor”.  I originally purchased the book shortly after it came out in 2009. Pastor Joel’s ministry is one of the ones I follow and receive regular communications from.  His simple yet profound message of “Hope and Faith” resonates with my Spirit and so I have been following him and his wife Victoria since I first heard of them through my pastors, Dr. Creflo A. and Taffi L. Dollar.

I am currently only a third of the way through the book; however I can confidently say I would recommend it to anyone that has a dream that needs some new life pumped into it.  The book reads just as he teaches on television. He mostly uses personal testimonies and parables about ordinary people to show how God’s favor has operated in their lives.

If you would like to learn more about Joel and Victoria Osteen, you may visit or for more information. Follow him on twitter @JoelOsteen

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