I am Expecting a New Thing to Happen in my Life!

This is my prayer…

Lord, today I am expecting a new thing to happen in my life! I know I walk in your favor and possess the blessing. I am a joint heir and your beloved. I trust and rest in you alone! The dreams that you planted and have shown me in my awakened hours and the visions as I slumber… They are my reality. You have ordered my steps. You are guiding me to and through windows of blessings. Shutting doors that need to be shut. Restoring passions that were just embers in my soul. Accelerating my learning and equipping me for your best. Fear? You have not given me… Temperance, patience, love, the ability to handle long suffering, gentleness…faith beyond measure… All are gifts as is your grace. All is well in my life and those I love in Jesus’ mighty name I pray. Amen.

© 2014, Lela Jefferson Fagan. All rights reserved.

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