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Finding a silver lining after 3 shots

When I left the movies tonight at 42nd Street, I had two options 1) Go straight home to finish proofing my first manuscript or 2) Enjoy the cool night air and take a walk over to 34th Street so I could pick up some items from Kmart.  I decided to take up option two and ended up dodging tourists, and assisting others finding where Conway was.  When I got to W. 34th I was presented with Superman trying to sell me DVDs for $5 a single and $10 for a box set and a Malaysian woman selling a table full of adorable earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I promised I would be back to shop from.

I eventually entered Kmart and descended on the escalator leading to the house wares section behind a family of four.  The father not so gingerly let off a bomb that hit my nose so hard I had to take a step back.   Putting that out of mind I continued my shopping left Kmart and as promised did purchase two pairs of ears from the Malaysian woman.  Who complimented me on my silver bangles (go me.)

I then headed to my train station before entering, I waved goodbye to Spiderman who was on the opposite street corner to Superman.  While on my train with a throng of Rangers fans, took the time to catch up on my bible reading.  I completed the entire book of Ruth and continued onto reading Isaiah chapters 4 – 9 from the Message Bible.  I am working through complete Isaiah by the end of the year.

When I got off at my home station I began walking and singing to myself praise and worship songs.  I have been working on not being embarrassed when it comes to praising God in public.  So, for me to be singing as I am walking home is a big thing.  When I neared my block, I prepared myself by stopping and taking my keys out of my purse.  When I looked up I saw the police activity.  My block was taped off there were detectives knocking on doors and some of my neighbors were standing waiting till they were able to go enter our building again.

As I got closer to the tape, I didn’t get upset.  I just began thanking God that I had stayed in the city a bit longer.  Checked with my roommate to make sure she was ok, she was.  See if I had went straight home. I might have been caught in the middle of the gunfire, it had only occurred an hour before my arrival.   I later learned that a young boy had been shot on the corner of my building. The complete details are still pending.  However I did find the silver lining in it all.  As I stood there with my neighbors waiting I was able to give them comic relief.  Telling them stories of previous incidences I remembered from growing up “da hood.”  I told them that the inconvenience of a police presence was for our own well being and that after all this, I would have something extra special to blog about tonight.  Some of the off collar comments my neighbors made I cannot not repeat, however I can tell you this.  We were all grateful, to be able to enter my building again once we were.

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Lela Fagan (Jefferson) is the author of the book “Poetry of a Black Girl: The Darkness and the Light” and lead blogger at “Memoirs of a Black Girl”. Lela is an avid reader “A Real Bookworm” of all things in print. She finds joy in sharing socially and blogging about topics that matter the most to her. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Lela now lives in Houston, TX with her husband Oji, an educator and Football Coach. @LelaJefferson - See more at:

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