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Cherese Bracey releases Story Time Friends!

Folks, I have a new sister-friend to tell you about! Cherese Bracey, a devout Christian, early childhood educator, entrepreneur and author ;-). She has just released her first children’s book, Story Time Friends which is geared to encourage children to operate in love, compassion and friendship…

Cherese Bracey is a devout Christian, early childhood educator, entrepreneur & author. Together with her brother and husband, she began a small family based company, Morris & Bracey Entertainment that is geared toward children’s entertainment, spiritual novels, & community outreach. She started her career in childcare at the age of 19 working at a childcare center that provided a learning environment for children in need. It was during this experience when she realized her desire to become a role model for children with a strong focus on those who came from hurting backgrounds and tough times.

She discovered that children who are less fortunate need positive individuals to pattern after, and that love and laughter are ingredients for healthy emotions. During her career in teaching, Cherese discovered she had a gift for encouraging children to become the best they could be by expressing the importance of staying positive and loving to read. During her childhood, she would use books as a comfort tool through stressful times and has used this example in her life which has since given birth to early literacy advocates Reesie Reader & Bookie.

These characters are emotional literacy role models that were created to build character development in young children with an emphasis on the importance of reading and making books their friends. Story Time Friends is her first children’s book written to encourage children to operate in love, compassion, and friendship. The book features the literacy characters who are also mascots for-The Reesie Reader & Bookie Foundation & Literacy Club. These two are new on the scene with a mission to plant the seeds of “wanting to read” in children and families that will last a lifetime… for more information visit

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