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Totally random thoughts this morning or maybe not; this past week I have been in self examination mode yet again.   I purposely put in my schedule time to check my actions to see if they were lining up with the WORD of God or were beginning to be based in fear and just plain selfishness.  Whenever I feel this happening it is a clear sign that I need to stop and recharge my spirit and body.  Basically I needed to check my spiritual thermostat to see if I was running on empty, versus my overflow.

Areas I needed to examine were my volunteerism (spiritual employment), my relationships with people and my finances.  Ultimately was I being moved or lead?

There is something most folks don’t get when they accept God’s call in serving HIS people.  There is a heighten level of accountability and responsibility that goes along with it.  That means you need to make sure that your actions are lining up to HIS Word.

It is not okay just to agree with the WORD of God or anything you purpose your mind to study you must engage it.  Allow it to speak to you and change you from the inside out.  Every leader (that means you) has responsibilities and is accountable to someone.  You don’t believe me do something and watch what happens…

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