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“Right Heart. Right Attitude.” By Joyce Meyer is jacking me UP (in a good way)!

Right Heart Right Attitude by Joyce Meyer


“Right Heart. Right Attitude.”; by Joyce Meyer is the book I am currently reading or should I say is reading me.  I was introduced to the book after watching a series of episodes on the subject of “Attitudes” on Joyce Meyer’s “Enjoying Everyday Life” broadcast.  Auntie Joyce’s (what I affectionately call her) program is one of the word-based ones I record on my DVR.  I watch it and others during my devotional time.

When I first watched the episodes, it was shortly after moving to Texas to live with my husband, Oji.  We had lived nearly 9 months separately after getting married!  We were/are in that delicate yet beautiful “Period of Adjustment” when two people that love each other, have decided to co-habit together actually begin to.

‘Right Heart. Right Attitude.” Is a part of a five book box set offered by Joyce Meyer Ministries called The New Attitude Boxed Set”.

 I highly recommend it as an addition to anyone’s personal development library. To learn more about it you may follow this link.

Three other titles I would recommend on the subject of “Attitudes” are listed below:

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