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How Devoted to Your Devotionals are You?

Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions by Joyce Meyer
Between you and me, I am honestly not that skilled when it comes to reading any of my faith based devotionals every day.  For the last few years,  I have purchased an annual devotional book by Joyce Meyer.  This year’s book is “Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions

My practice is if I fall behind in my readings by a few days; I make it my business in one sitting to read and meditate on as many as I can grasp (with understanding) till the next time.  I do the same with those I have subscribed to through YouVersion’s Bible App.

I know that it is not ideal practice; however it is what works for me.  What never ceases to amaze me is that whenever I do, do a catch up session the issue of the days I end up mediating on are exactly what I needed.  That is how I know that even when it comes to the practice of reading my devotional readings it is Spirit-led.

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  • Khalilah

    Great post! I started reading this devotional this year as well, and have challenged myself to read it every day. It gets tough… Especially when I wake up late lol. But I will see it through until the end!

    God bless you!

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