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Book Release: A Perfect Recipe by Heather Lindsey

A Perfect Recipe by Heather Lindsey

You may have seen the buzz on the web in the recent weeks about Heather Lindsey‘s (founder of Pinky Promise*) second release “A Perfect Recipe”. It’s a 30 day devotional packed with healthy practical tips and 50 vegetarian friendly recipes. My copy just arrived in the mail over the weekend! Heather and her husband Cornelius Lindsey are both a part of my extended church family. They pastor The Gathering Oasis in Atlanta, GA and just recently welcomed in the world their first son, the adorable Logan William. Ladies and Gentlemen (that love the ladies in their lives), let’s support Heather by purchasing this title. It is available now at in two editions; paperback and for your Kindle! #SupportHISKingdom

Book Description (from An invitation for the woman [who] desires to get closer to Christ, eat healthier and feel better. Have you ever wanted an all-in-one book that encourages you to spend time with God, challenges your daily walk to grow as a Christian, and provides great recipes and awesome health tips? Well, you’ve picked up the right book! Heather is an average, everyday woman that had a desire to eat healthy, but didn’t know where to start! After becoming a vegetarian she found out how hard it was to make meals that actually tasted good and satisfied her desire to still want to eat meat. For the past few years, she has perfected her favorite recipes and put them together in one place! With Heather’s time saving techniques and clear instructions, you don’t have to toil in the kitchen in order to enjoy a nutritious, delicious meal or snack! In A Perfect Recipe you will: * Learn how to spend time with God again * Tackle daily challenges that encourage you to grow in Christ * Choose from over 50 easy vegetarian recipes * Convert traditional recipes into healthy, all natural meals * Receive daily health tips and information Now; it’s time to start the 30 day journey!

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