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Taking the Next Step to Becoming Healthier

Today I did something significant for myself.  I got up this morning with taking care of me in mind; mind, spirit, body and soul.  After eating breakfast, and spending some devotional time with the Lord, I went on my one hour Fitness Walk around our community.  Generally I listen to “Praise and Worship” music or a personal development audio book.   Today I decided to listen to “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.  It was recommended to me by one of my mentors. The book focuses on teaching women how to help one another and empowers them by giving advice on how they can pursue their dreams and ambitions.  Sheryl Sandberg was and is a senior executive at some of the world’s most renowned Social Media/Internet based brands; Yahoo, Google and now Facebook.

I had begun listening to the title yesterday while I was at the gym.  However, at the beginning of my walk today, I accidentally rewound it to the first chapter and I am so glad I did! There were a number of nuggets of wisdom I had missed.  After my walk, I came back home made a needed doctor’s appointment and then ran a few errands.  After which I ended up at the gym for a half hour of cardio.

All this new activity was motivated by me getting assessed earlier this week by my new personal trainer.  I learned that physically I am not as bad off as I thought I was.  I am 40 pounds away from being about 25-30% of lean body fat.  As I jokingly said on Facebook I am mostly muscle under my extra sexiness, my instructor was actually surprisingly shocked to see that my numbers showed me being fit for my age.  Usually when people are assessed they show numbers of a person much older than their own years.  When I reach my first projected milestone; I will have the numbers that reflect someone 3-4 years younger!

The first thing he and I agreed on was that I need a plan to achieve my fitness goals.  I want to be properly educated on what I need to do to get them done.  If I continue doing what I have been doing and do not change my habits; its true I will be fitter than I have been in years.  However, I will be maintaining versus improving.  Since I am already active and willing the structural pieces are there for me to be successful, I just need a customized plan, and vision of my destiny to work towards.  With his and God’s help, I will reach my goals in just under a year.

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Lela Fagan (Jefferson) is the author of the book “Poetry of a Black Girl: The Darkness and the Light” and lead blogger at “Memoirs of a Black Girl”. Lela is an avid reader “A Real Bookworm” of all things in print. She finds joy in sharing socially and blogging about topics that matter the most to her. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Lela now lives in Houston, TX with her husband Oji, an educator and Football Coach. @LelaJefferson - See more at:

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