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One Bookworm’s Personal Book Reading Challenge for 2014

I have committed to reading at least 20 titles in 2014 for Goodreads.com’s annual book reading challenge.  For a bookworm, like me this may not seem to be such an ambitious goal. However, since most of the books I read fall in either the business, spiritual and personal development categories, setting a milestone for 20 is more realistic. The books in these categories typically include course work that corresponds with their subject matter.

In the past, I have been guilty of reading books all the way through and only scanning their supplements.  Always promising myself I will go back and do them and never do.  Last year, towards the end I started jotting down my study notes in a composition notebook, transcribing them into electronic book reports and filing them by their subjects in the Cloud.  This is so that I will be able to reference what I read in the future if I ever needed to.

Taking notes and book reporting are skills that probably most of us were taught first when we were youngsters.  However, when we became adults and reading and writing summaries for the books we read were no longer requirements; most of us do not see the need to continue the practice.

They say that success leaves clues, and one of my favorite thought leaders/writers Dr. John C. Maxwell has done this exercise of taking reading notes for years.  He has written over 70 titles thus far.  If I am able to produce just a fraction of the number of books he has in his lifetime, in mine that will be a blessing.

I know some titles on this year’s reading list will have to be rollovers from last year’s.  Books I wanted to read and never got the chance to because others caught my attention, some I started and didn’t finish.  Even still a few will be those I acquired last year and had stockpiled.  However, at least 10 of them will  be coming from even older stockpiles.  Books that I acquired years ago and I knew some day I would need/have to study for my personal development.

I am also working on disciplining myself to read just two books at a time (outside of the Bible.)  One will focus on character and spiritual growth while the other will be on business and/or enhancing my knowledge in areas where I am graced.

Right now I am finishing up “Your Best Life Now – 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential” by Joel Osteen and I have started re-reading “You Want Caviar But Have Money For Chitlins: A Smart Do-It-Yourself PR Guide For Those On A Budget (Volume 1)” by Karen Taylor Bass

I am still compiling this year’s reading list.  So, I will have to post it in a future update.

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Lela Fagan (Jefferson) is the author of the book “Poetry of a Black Girl: The Darkness and the Light” and lead blogger at “Memoirs of a Black Girl”. Lela is an avid reader “A Real Bookworm” of all things in print. She finds joy in sharing socially and blogging about topics that matter the most to her. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Lela now lives in Houston, TX with her husband Oji, an educator and Football Coach. @LelaJefferson - See more at: http://www.memoirsofablackgirl.com/

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