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1 of the three men I was honored to call my Godfather

Not every child is blessed with Godparents! People chosen to watch over their spiritual development; charged to step in if their parents ever cannot. In my case I was blessed with 4 Godparents 3 of which were my Godfathers.  Each of my Godfathers has gone to be with the Lord.  The most recent one to pass was late last week.  My Godfather James was a US Army veteran, entrepreneur, and a very proud man that loved his family.  He was also my mother’s first husband, her first love and last.  My father was her second. They were both born on the same day, just a year apart.  As a young woman, my mother had two children prior to meeting and eventually marrying my Godfather James.

Together they had three additional children. However, the first two he equally claimed as his own and helped to rear.  When born, he also claimed me.  Divorced from my mother, and the both of them in new relationships; somehow she was still under his health insurance. So, at the time of my birth I was initially recorded as”Baby Medley” before my documentation was updated to reflect my actual parentage as a “Jefferson”.

Due to this unique relationship between my parents and him, he was given the honor to be one of Godparents! I find it fitting after so much time since the last time I posted a blog article; he would be a topic I write about.

As I said on one of my social media profiles, ‘I will forever be his Baby Girl and him my Godfather. I love you GDad! Tell the mommy hello for us!’

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