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58! What!?!

The other day I plugged my numbers into a health app the estimated that because of my habits, health wise instead my current age of 38 I am behaving like someone that is 20 years older. I say no way, to that mess! My Uncle Ray I love him, I truly do. He is nearly 80 years old but looks like he is no older than maybe 60. He told me from as far back as I can remember to take care of my health; to watch what I ate and to exercise. I didn’t really take his advice during the last decade. I enjoyed myself and now have a work a bit smarter and harder to get myself back on track. I am starting the DASH diet during the Christmas break and eliminating a few stressors out of my life.

Last month during the Thanksgiving break I decided to go to the doctor I share with my husband. From the first time, I met her, Dr. Lacour, we clicked. She seemed like someone I would hang out with the outside of the professional setting of her being my physician. After she gave me my physical I told her ‘Doc, look I know I am fat. I want to change that and get healthier.  I came in today to find out what my numbers are and get some solid direction to get back on track.’ Her response was “Ok, let’s find out your numbers so we can have a base to work with.”

It will be a month since that visit. I have a follow-up appointment later this week. Dr. Lacour put me on some medication that has already had a positive effect on my health. I think I may have lost ten pounds, not as a direct side effect of the meds.  The visit alone just had scared the crap out of me, and so I stopped eating certain foods and drinking some beverages namely energy drinks cold turkey.

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