The Memoirs of a Black Girl Podcast Series

Latest Episode: Episode 17: I’m back with a brief update!

“Come take a journey with me as I share my poetry and other writings with you. Experience what makes me laugh, cry and the life lessons I am STILL learning.” Lela Fagan (Jefferson)


  • Rev J

    Great sharing! I’m glad you let yourself be vulnerable. I found you by “accident” while looking for lyrics to Black Butterfly by The Sounds of Blackness. You’re already amazing! No waiting for 40 or 60! Just dont wait another two years before posting again ;-). Peace!

  • Lela Jefferson Fagan

    I wanted to thank you very much for your comment on my site. I believe it was a spirited confirmation of what the Holy Spirit had been telling me about getting back to writing and sharing my testimonies via my site and podcast. Thank you for watching and also commenting! May you receive the fullness of blessing in Jesus’s name, Amen.

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