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His Grace is MORE Than Sufficient… Enough for Me

The other day I had many opportunities where I wanted and could have been selfish with my time. It seemed that everyone one of my clients had an urgent issue […]

Trust in His Timing

We don’t attempt to speed up the process of baking a cake because we know if we do it may end up flat. Why then do we try to rush […]

Running With the Vision

One of the things I have learned in my almost 10 years as serving as a steward and assistant in ministry is this… At the time the leader is casting […]

You Are More Powerful Than You Could EVER Imagine.

“You are more powerful than you could EVER imagine. Walk with a boldness knowing, you wouldn’t be here if God didn’t have a purpose for you to fulfill!” This morning […]


This may seem random… You were on my heart.

The other day I felt led to just say thank you to sister-friends that have played pivotal roles in my life’s journey. Many of them I do not speak to […]

Elder Woman... A Poem for Miss. Maya

Elder Woman… A Poem for Miss. Maya

  Miss. Maya, Can I tell our shared story? How we all became your daughters and sons? Many of us never met you face to face. Yet…Somehow feel as if […]

Going Beyond the Mask

I recently had a profound conversation with my sister.  We were talking about behavior labeling.  I have said that I was an introvert for years.  It’s not what I am […]

Lela and her sister-friend Nicole

There’s No Distance in the Spirit

“I am still getting used to this long distance / no distance in the Spirit relationship we have.” This was a text I had sent to one of my best […]

That’s His Love for You, That’s His Love for Me

Love sweeter than berries ripened by sun kisses Deeper than oceans deep Stronger than trees that weep Palms that sway in hurricane winds That’s His love for you, that’s His […]